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My Semi-Annual Rant

Dear Starbucks,

 It doesn’t bother me that your coffee is overpriced. It’s an occasional treat and I like the product.

I don't even mind your over-the-top terminology like barista and grande.  I just give you a mental eye roll and continue to use words like clerk and medium.

I can even deal with your “aren’t we just the most socially cool company?” advertising.

But every camel has their own personal backbreaking straw and mine is the hypocrisy of a corporation not really being as environmentally conscious as they pretend to be. Two little things:

Last month, when I was ensconced in the little comfy chair area and fully intending to drink my tea on site, I stopped the clerk before she put the plastic hat on my cardboard cup and said, “oh you can save the lid, I’m just going to be right here.” To which she replied, “I’m sorry, we have to put the lid on everything.” Fine. Legal department: 1, Environment: 0. But that was just my ‘lead up to’ straw. Today’s illogic did me in, I think.

I – sugar and cake crazy addict that I am – allow myself one of those scrumptious $2 tiramisu cake pops now and then. So as she pulled my precious little cake pop out of the display case I tried again. “You can just hand it to me. No sense wasting a little bag or something.” And she replied “Oh, they want us to serve them in this box,” and proceeded to put together this goofy little two part sliding cardboard box, put my cake pop in it and slid it shut, handing it over. I took it, removed the cake pop and immediately handed her back the box.

Isn’t that just plain silly?

Will I completely boycott Starbucks? Probably not. But Barnes & Noble has a cute little coffee/reading/wireless corner and I think they actually serve Starbucks products (along with others). The employees are easy going, friendly and are happy to not waste stuff that I’m just going to throw away. In fact on the rare occasion that I remember to request it, they’ll even put it in a ceramic mug that will be reused.

Gestapo lady at the Lahaina Foodland Starbucks, I give you a gold star for consistently following orders. And B&N, I give you my business.


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May. 21st, 2011 04:50 am (UTC)
Marti, I'm so delighted to be able to read posts from you again!
Also: man oh man. Ludicrous!
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