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Marti's Theory

6 January 1954
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I am a blogger/writer-wannabe who has recently decided on LiveJournal as my main blogging home. I'm still keeping the old place as a sort of condo in the city, but I like it here. Like about a bajillion others, I am in the process of writing a book (gawd, that sounds SO pretentious).

Please feel free to comment on my posts. The interaction is my favorite part of blogging and I always respond. Enjoy!

In other news...
I'm a middle-aged single mom. Formerly a hotel industry Human Resources exec, I'm now a college instructor who works with rural outreach students. I love it but also feel it's time for a change. The balance is still there, but am missing living in a more populated area, as well as missing the business world. Feel free to strike up a conversation about any of this.

I tend to go through many Hobbies of the Moment, but the one that I am truly enamored with is working in 1' to 1" scale miniatures. Would LOVE to find someone on Maui who is interested in this.

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